Greenfields Counseling


Have you felt like something is missing, do you want more peace in your life but not sure what that feels like or how to get there? Do you want to grow and heal yourself from physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues?

Talk therapy is very valuable for identifying and releasing beliefs that no longer work, and there are additional alternatives to aid in creating lasting change.

Modern science tells us that there is more than just the physical body for experiencing well being. It is now acknowledged in the medical community that there is a dynamic, fluid, energy field which surrounds and is part of the body. This field is intimately associated with well-being, health and happiness. Keeping the human energy field cleared, charged and energized is essential in maintaining flow, eliminating stagnant energy and negativity, which can contribute to disease.

A skilled practitioner of the healing arts can assist individuals in balancing, clearing and maintaining their own health by exploring deeper meanings of imbalances with higher perceptions of conscious awareness and expanded consciousness. Clients find themselves empowered to maintain and manage their own well-being as a result of this work.

This website is a brief introduction to the type of service I offer.  I am a licensed practitioner of the healing arts. I help clients to transform problems into solutions. Certified as a Brennan Healing Science practitioner since 1993, and as a licensed Masters Degree clinician,  I have been working in the personal growth field for over seventeen years.

Areas of clinical experience include the energetic Mind/Body connection, family systems, individual and family counseling, couples counseling with a specialty for short term solution focused coaching.

Specialties include PTSD, Trauma Recovery, chronic pain, re-adjustment counseling. Clients have been able to reduce their anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, bereavement, addiction, and address matters of the heart and spirituality. The role of the healer is to be a committed listener and mirror for the personal journey of a client.

Many physical issues are improved such as chronic pain or post operative symptoms. Spinal issues are very often minimized providing relief from chronic pain.

“With awareness comes the ability to be at choice.”

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